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These lots are priced at less than half of a comparable building lot in this section of the city.  Plus, there are simply no comparable deals in this location, just feet from paved county roads, close to everything, neighboring a new home, and cleared enough for a mobile already. 

Price is $26,000 for the lot on the left, and $28,500 for the lot on the right, looking from the road.  The lot on the right has 2 locked storage buildings and a small solid fenced area, plus a power pole and meter.  Both lots have the type of soil that will allow a low cost well/septic package.  Both have partial fencing, some trees and mostly cleared.

Price seems low...You get what you pay for?  Not always.  Sometimes low prices are for things that look great on the surface but don't last, like cheap imported goods.  On the other hand, sometimes a real bargain can be found in something that has more value than some can see at first glance.  There are new homes being put in this neighborhood, but some are in need of work to have good "curb appeal".  When they are all upgraded to fit the whole area around them, the lots will be worth many times more than the price I'm selling them for.   Anybody that goes to look at them will see the upside in this deal. 

To make it possible for any responsible person to buy them, I'm willing to let the buyer put down $2000 and pay less than $200/month.  You could then build, or bring in a mobile home, and have a home in the most desireable section of Ocala!

Go check them out, directions are available              Don't let a salesman talk you into anything, let your common sense tell you what to do. 

Ocala, Florida building/mobile home lots for sale
Now is the time to make an investment that will grow with your family.  Due to my stepsons moving away, I have two large, .29 acre, adjacent building OR mobile home lots for sale.  Scroll down to learn more.......
This is where the smart money goes.  Look at the pictures.  A fraction of a mile to the Country Club of Ocala.  Million dollar homes within a few hundred steps.  3-5 minutes to the best public schools. 5-10 minutes to any desireable shopping destination, churches, recreation, etc. Generous homestead exemptions, depending on home value, can result in little or no taxes.


Try this link to see aerial and street maps with address entered:

To get directions, use the address:  191 s.e. 81st. pl. Ocala, Florida 34480
What's the Deal?
1st lot
2nd lot
property  numbers and plat map
E mail is preferred, due to travelling job.  Delta1300@aol.com